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Cloud computing and storage

Cloud provider Computing Storage

In order to store your data on the cloud, you can run pilotis aws in your project directory or pilotis aws --project-dir your/project/dir to create the corresponding infrastructure on AWS.

Pilotis will then ask you the name of the bucket in which you want to store your data, as well as the one in which you want to store your terraform metadata. It will then use terraform to create your AWS infrastructure.

You will also get access to the make sync-raw-data-local-to-s3 and make sync-raw-data-s3-to-local commands, enabling you to synchronize your data between your local work station and your s3 infrastructure.

Finally, Pilotis will add the pilotis-io-aws library to your environment, enabling you to read and write data stored in AWS with the same API you use for local data with pilotis-io.